Sephora Sale!

Oh yes.. It’s that time of year…

That time of year, that Sephora holds their annual 3 for €10 sale!

It’s rare to find a deal as good as this one! :D And it makes me very happy!

Sephora is one of my favorite brands for makeup, coming second only to M.A.C. So needless to say, this sale rocks my world! Any 3 makeup products for just €10 (about $13). As I do every year, I went all out and stocked up for the rest of the year! :D

My purchases:

  • 2 hydrating & smoothing foundation in my winter color
  • 1 hydrating & smoothing foundation in my summer color
  • 2 matifying compact powder in my winter color
  • 1 matifying compact powder in my summer color
  • atomic volume maximum volume mascara in black
  • le waterproof extreme resistance mascara in black (great for the hot Virginia weather run summer, and swimming of course!)
  • kohl expert black kohl eyeliner pencil
  • doe eyed long lasting felt eyeliner in moss green
  • nano eye pencil in iced brown
  • golden khaki duo eyeshadow
  • nail hardening & strengthening serum
  • cream lip stain in a bright deep red color

I went ahead and stocked up on my winter color (a bit lighter) and my summer color for when I built up a bit more of a tan!

I really love the eyeshadow and the dark green felt eyeliner! The colors mix up really great together and allow you to make a smokey eye of medium intensity to go with pretty much any outfit, whether it’s daytime or party-time! ;)

This is the first time I bought the atomic volume maximum volume mascara and so far I am not too crazy about it. It does its job well, but it does it by creating clumps :( We do not like clumps! I am hoping it just needs to be broken in, as the case often is with mascara! Or maybe I’ll figure out a better way to apply it to prevent clumping..

All are great additions to my Sephora stash, which is actually rather complete and awesome now! :P

Now for the most fun part: the receipt! :D You might want to sit down for this one! ;)

I purchased €161,60 ($250) worth of makeup, for just €40 ($53), which means I got a €121,60 ($162) discount! :O

I am framing these receipts…


4 Responses to “Sephora Sale!”
  1. Maria
    March 26, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    Wait – does this sale apply to the U.S., too? I love the gold shadow – looks professionally applied! If you ever need something from Mary Kay, I ordered it from Mandy for 50% off!

    I can see Jayme rolling his eyes through this entire post.

    • Emma
      March 28, 2012 at 8:23 am

      I doubt it, but if it does: go for it! :D Such an amazing sale… Oh Mary Kay is pretty nice too! I’ll keep that in mind! :D

      Haha! Yes but secretly I think he’s proud of me ;)

  2. Evelien
    March 26, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    Loving de ooglook! Binnenkort toch maar eens gaan kijken naar de sale! altijd leuk om met zoveel korting te shoppen. En misschien moet je eens proberen het mascara borsteltje af te vegen aan de tube, zo is er minder product op het borsteltje en klontert het niet zo snel :D

    • Emma
      March 28, 2012 at 8:24 am

      Thanks! Ik vind het ook echt mooie kleurtjes samen! :D
      De sale is het inderdaad dubbel en dwars waard :P
      Ok thanks voor de tip! Ik zal het eens proberen :D

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